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If you came to my site through Ichthus or the World Equestrian Games, let me give you a special thanks and tell you that you were what motivated me to finish this.  The fact that I can even touch your life is a miracle!  Whatever way you came, may you be greatly blessed!   

Dear hope for our nation,

I am just a Mom from the generation before yours, but I have watched what has happened since I was born in 1963, and I am very troubled.  The year I was born, some of our leaders allowed prayer to be taken out of the schools.  This action reflected a cancer of the heart that I would call fatal if we do not repent and change our course.  I have prayed about how to change such a deluge of evil.  God’s answer to a nation gone astray is:  2 Chronicles 7:14 “if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”  This has always been the recipe for revival and restoration. 

We snubbed our noses at God and have lost the fear of the Lord.  The answer then is to return and do again what He says.  If we rebuild the foundation, then the rest of the house can stand. 

I had a dream in which I was apalled at the debauchery of the world.  I woke up and all I could think of was my Grandma and how she said they read the Bible in school, prayed in school and had the Ten Commandments posted on the walls of the school.  I believe God was showing me that these are the foundations that need to be restored.  If they are, the rest of the structure can be supported.  If not, all our society is in danger of crumbling.  The  fact is that since God made us and gave the Ten Commandments and the Bible to us as standards for our behavior and measurements by which we will some day give account of our deeds, they are important.  However, other reasons that appeal more to natural minded people exist.  Here are some of the other arguments for the restoration of our basic standards. 

First, you must realize that what was taken was originally given by God and cannot legally be taken by man.  Our founding fathers wrote that man was created with certain “inalienable rights”.  You must rebuild the ancient walls of prayer, respect and obedience to the Bible and the 10 Commandments.  You put these foundation stones back in place and watch what can happen.  You must not sit down, shut up or be dumbed down until these stones are secure.  Since prayer was removed, the most important institutions represented:  family, schools, and government have taken a nose dive.  They are all in crisis!  We could belabor all the ills of each but they are obvious and you already suffer from the decline in ways your parents can’t even relate to.  We never faced what you face because there were still vestiges of sanity that have now slowly been removed.  So what is the answer?

    I am praying that you are!!!!  You alone can restore the foundation.  Adults are not allowed to “force” our wisdom on your generation.  I am believing that a large number of you realize the disservice that you were done when values and prayer were removed.  I believe you can make a difference!

The name Truth Whisperer came from my dear friend who remembered the movie, The Horse Whisperer.  As I thought about it, it made sense.  Truth is like a blaring light.  We all have experienced its blinding effects.  It can really hurt, before it brings the freedom and glory it is meant to bring.  Truth does not have to be shouted or blared out in a rude or abusive way.  Even a whisper or a flicker of truth lights up the darkness!  I want to whisper out what I saw and felt.   I don’t want to blind further.  I want to awaken hearts and a world that has lost its way. 

    On the following pages, I will be sharing art work and calendars that profoundly impacted my life as I was led to create them.  I believe the messages are life-changing for us and world-changing in their scope!  Most of these ideas and inspirations have taken me years to integrate and assimilate into complete thoughts.  I believe this website is to be a small part of a great awakening in our world.  I am only one soldier in a great army, one voice of many, but I am convicted that I must be a voice and share my story! 

    I have labored in prayer as I worked.  I am convinced that a tyranny worse than anything we have ever seen is awaiting our world, if we do not allow ourselves to be awakened.  Realize, as you read, that it is in grave concern and with heaviness of heart that I expose evil.  Abortion, like slavery in it’s time, exposes the extent of the evil in the human heart and how far we will go to remain deceived about the evil we have done.  I have no desire to depress.  I only feel compelled to shows us our need for God and His richness of grace when we will admit that we are not good without Him.  I am striving and praying for a great awakening that alone can regain God’s favor and give hope to us and our families.  We have seen the failure of atheism and evolution.  It is time to put the foundations back!

I have resisted the temptation to show the graphic pictures of what we are talking about with abortion.  Linda Tolle has become a great inspiration to me.  Her husband Mitchell taught me almost everything it took for me to paint and draw these pictures.  She told me one day when I was crying over how to paint to convey what I felt.  “Kelly, the world is full of the ugliness.  Paint the beauty of children and babies and let that beauty speak.”  That is what I pray!!!  I pray that someday the beauty of children and babies and covenant love in a God fearing family will be so heralded that the voices of abuse towards the least and most vulnerable, the disrespect for covenant and love and the rebellion to God and His laws will be drowned out and finally repented! 

In the painting classes by Mitchell Tolle, he tells a story of how Alex Haley, author of roots inspired him to teach and write.  Alex Haley asked Mitchell if he wrote or taught.  Mitchell said, “No”.  Alex said, “I see.  So you just plan to die with this all in you”.  Mitchell began doing workshops and I have been one beneficiary of Alex Haley’s inspiration.  After I heard this the fifth or sixth time, I heard Mitchell tell it in a class and I was deep into a picture and barely hearing him.  When I heard the story, it grabbed me and I felt a strange warmth and presence.  I felt tears well up as I realized that God used this precious man who brought such awareness of the plight of real oppression and racism.  He inspired Mitchell Tolle and here I was, so full of a need to produce something that could awaken us and bring awareness to the plight of little innocent, beautiful babies.  Somehow I know I will hug Alex Haley in heaven and thank him!!!!  As slavery was defeated by exposing its heart, may my pictures and writings and the laborings of many others who carry this burden, soon bring the tipping pointe and destroy this evil!

I will be updating this site often and would love to interact with you through the blog and facebook. 

                                                        Thanks and God bless you!